Elden Ring player notices horrible details after 200 hours of play

An Elden Ring player notices an ugly detail hidden in the game’s background and soundscape after 200 hours of dedicated play.

Elden Ring's Melania hugging her arm against a red background in the game's intro.

Ring of Elden takes place in an incredibly deep open world that is full of hidden secrets to uncover. While the game is significantly more fantastical and less horror-focused than previous FromSoftware Soulsborne titles, some of these secrets are even more terrifying than others. A Ring of Elden The player recently noticed a strange secret hidden in the ambient noise of the game about 200 hours after starting to play.

A part of Ring of EldenThe gameplay mechanics feel like a horror game, especially the bloodstain system that allows players to see how other players died. However, other sources of fear in the game come from the complex soundscape and creepy enemy designs. Yet others stem from the complex and often disturbing themes presented in the game’s narrative.


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Redditor finnasforealus recently shared a post with a short video of themselves wandering around one of the Ring of Elden‘s grassy plains at night, surrounded by crucified figures. Interestingly, the characters seem to let out horrible screams every few seconds, despite not reacting to external stimuli such as attack. In the accompanying text, the user said he played the game for 200 hours before noticing the crucified bodies screaming at night.

Close examination reveals that the crucified bodies appear to be long dead – they may have been among the first victims of the long conflict that marked The Lands Between. However, death can be a complex situation in FromSoftware titles, and Ring of Elden seems to be no exception. While some bosses can be fought long after death, it’s possible that those crucifixion victims haven’t quite evacuated the Death Coil either. Unlike the undead bosses in the game, crucified bodies appear helpless and motionless, able to do nothing but scream. Twitter user Lance McDonald notes that the screams don’t even appear to be coming from the bodies; it just fills the air around them.

At the time of writing, it appears that a number of other Ring of Elden fans also didn’t realize where the screams were coming from until some time in their games. One user explained that they assumed the noise was coming from an island in the swamp, while a second simply assumed it was part of the background soundscape. Finnasforealus expressed surprise to learn that the screams could be heard from the first location of the Site of Grace. This ubiquity may explain why some did not realize the screams had a specific source.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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