Elden Ring is too big

I am a paying member of the FromSoft fan club. I’ve been playing these games since Demon’s Souls, my favorite game is Bloodborne, and I’ve written pages and pages about the studio’s intricate and intertwined mechanical and narrative design. So my expectations for Elden Ring – especially after the reviews hit, phwoar – were that it just might be the highlight of my tarnished life.

Elden Ring is, indeed, an excellent game. I’ve spent many nights wandering the midlands, reveling in the discovery of vast new areas, hidden caves in the folds of the landscape, and the crest of a hill to meet the glorious sight of “WTF is that thing”. I caned multiple Great Runes wielders, an array of mini bosses, what looks like a dozen corrupted tree spirits, and then something happened that had never really happened before in a game Soulsborne. I was bored.