Elden Ring fans find a quest where you have NPCs drunk on secrets

A screenshot from Lance McDonald's Elden Ring video depicting their dream brew collecting Tarnished to make Lands Between's favorite booze, dreambrew.

Noted souls YouTuber Lance Mcdonald discovered content, hm, intoxicating that was cut from Ring of EldenThe final version of is quite late in development on the face of it. By working with another YouTuber named Sekiro Dubi, the two restored a surprisingly extensive mechanism from FromSoftware that allowed you to collect dreams to craft alcohol. Hey, the Lands Between is a sad place. Everyone could use a drink or two to numb the pain after being bodied again by the Starscourge Radahn.

Sekiro Dubi, a youtuber who uploads videos about FromSoft games, posted a video over the weekend of a “content cut function” from Ring of Elden he found in network test version From the game. The feature was to collect “Dream Mist”, a mist-like cloud emanating from creatures, using the removed item from St. Trina’s Crystal Ball. To demonstrate how the mechanic would have worked, Sekiro Dubi went to collect the dreams of various unconscious creatures, including those shitty land octopuses in Limgrave.

McDonald went over the differences between the network test version of the game and the final version, where remnants of features and storylines can still be spotted. For example, Stormhill Shack in Stormhill used to be called Scavenger’s Shack, except in the older version, a monk named Reeling Rico occupied the hut before Roderika sat there. This Rico was a total alcoholic who fervently hoped that you would help him make the “dreambrew”, a forbidden drink known as the “nectar of the demigods”. In practice, it is this alcoholic drink composed of at least two dream mists that can be used to “uncover someone’s darkest secrets”.

Talk to Rico and he would have given you St. Trina’s Crystal Ball, an item used to collect dream mist from sleeping beings. As the McDonald’s video illustrates, there were supposed to be deeply sleeping creatures dotting the Lands Between with this dreamy mist hovering above them. Retrieving their dream brew with the crystal ball and returning to Rico the alcoholic monk in the scavenger shack would net you a bottle of dreambrew, which would then open up new dialogue options if you offered the drink to certain NPCs. For example, if you gave the dreambrew to the merchant Kalé in the church of Elleh, he joked about being “an honest, reputable merchant” before accepting the dreambrew and immediately knocking himself out after drinking it. The lightweight ended up having a horrible nightmare about the fire burning his eyeballs with you standing right next to him, which references a larger lore involving the Flame of Frenzy and the history of all merchants. . Talk about deep and dark secrets.

mcdonald said Kotaku on Twitter posts that members of a community modding Discord server dedicated to souls games discovered many aspects of this cut content before it. He just used all that research and reverse engineered Ring of Elden to stitch up the quest line.

“I jailbroken my PlayStation 4, which allowed me to create a network test backup,” McDonald said. “I hacked it to remove network checks, among other things, by similar methods.”

Trina, for what it’s worth, is a fairly enigmatic figure in the game, mostly only appearing in connection with sleep-related items like this. But like all things Ring of Elden, there’s the strong suggestion in this video that Trina might just be in some kind of different dimension or something. It also looks like you can see remnants of the cut content everywhere, especially when it comes to Seluvis’ potion-centric questlines.

This isn’t the only piece of content cut Ring of Elden players have found, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Perhaps most ridiculous so far is a pair of underwear removed dataminers equip themselves through various hacks. It’s unclear what other secrets the Lands Between hides, and perhaps getting NPCs drunk on a dream beer would have spilled the tea.