Elden Ring Brother Corhyn Quest Guide

Trying to figure out how to complete Brother Corhyn’s quest in Elden Ring? You meet this NPC when you first arrive in Roundtable Hold, though his quest won’t begin until you’ve progressed a bit further in the Lands Between. He sells incantations (opens in a new tab)so it pays to talk to him early on if you left with a magic to build (opens in a new tab).

Brother Corhyn’s story takes you to some of the later areas and involves another NPC named Goldmask. Note that you will also get a required item for one of Ring of Elden Endings (opens in a new tab) as a reward. The quest itself isn’t too taxing, but a few steps might have you scratching your head, so I’ll go over everything below. Here’s how to complete the Elden Ring Brother Corhyn quest, including where to find Goldmask and how to solve the riddle in Leyndell.