EA must release a Battlefield 3 remake to win back players and erase recent disappointments

Although it’s been less than six months since the launch of Battlefield 2042, it’s safe to say now that the game fell short of expectations. When you add the fact that Battlefield V also failed to live up to fan expectations, that makes it two Battlefield games in a row that “bombed”. Of course, BFV was eventually revived, but by then most gamers had moved on to other titles.

With Vince Zampella and other EA developers now assembled to get the franchise back on track, EA has a (relatively) easy “win” button waiting for them to win back players and some of their trust, and that’s simply to release a Battlefield 3 Remake.

While I know it’s not just about porting the game to newer consoles, DICE and EA may just choose to stick with the game’s basic formula and then jazz up the visuals a bit. Add all the DLC map packs in the re-release, and voila! You have an instant winner on your hands. This will make franchise veterans happy and allow players who were too young at the time or just not interested to get a taste of what a “cutting edge” Battlefield experience was like. This is an easy stopgap while DICE, Ripple Effect, and EA band together to ensure the next Battlefield is a success.

For most veterans of the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 3 or Bad Company 2 is considered the pinnacle of the franchise, and a Battlefield 3 Remake announcement would be met with universal applause (I think).

BF3 is considered by many to be one of the best multiplayer shooters of all time, and to be able to relive it once more, but with a new coat of paint, improved performance and, of course, another quality of life. improvements, it would be such an easy win for everyone.

The big question is: will EA do it? Although we can’t say for sure, the odds of it happening are better now compared to the past few years. Not only did EA re-release the Mass Effect trilogy, they gave BioWare the chance to do a full remaster. Now we’re also getting that experience with the Dead Space franchise, but on a much larger scale. It makes sense to think that EA is doing this since the publisher not only wants to make a quick buck on existing games, but also put gaming properties back in people’s minds for any new entries that will be made. Surely that can work for Battlefield too, right? Reissue Battlefield 3, then build on that goodwill and try to wash away the acrid taste of Battlefield 2042 (and even BFV).

It would also be a great way for EA and DICE to test the waters. For a while now, it seems like developers and publishers have lost sight of what made Battlefield such a great multiplayer shooter to begin with. Maybe a callback is what they need, and if it’s received well enough, it could be just what they need to open their eyes to the fact that players and fans simply want the same. experience, but up a notch (or two).

I hope we do at some point, because I don’t think the Battlefield franchise can suffer one more failure as big as Battlefield 2042. Can this game recover? Maybe if DICE can pull the right strings, but given how slow things are for something as simple as a dashboard, I honestly don’t expect it.

IF EA re-releases BF3, players should expect skins and the like to be part of the package. As long as they’re just cosmetic, I think that would be a fair compromise. Granted, with the sheer amount of weapons, maps, and modes available in BF3 (and its DLCs), this should keep players busy for a while. Heck, EA can even stagger the release of each map pack per season, and as long as they’re released for free, I don’t see players getting too upset about it.

Would you like EA to re-release Battlefield 3? Or should they focus on a brand new Battlefield game ASAP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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