Deyo continues to add to the car racing calendar

Like the energizing bunny, promoter Brett Deyo goes on and on.

Last season, the 39-year-old self-made promoter put on 81 events between his weekly efforts at the Fonda and Utica-Rome Speedways, his commitments at the Georgetown Speedway and his popular series.

Not bad for a kid who grew to love the sport of racing after taking a spot in the stands on Saturday nights alongside his dad at Orange County Fair Speedway.

And now his name is becoming commonplace from the Deep South to the Northeast running his unique series, which is generating a lot of interest from runners.

“A couple of weeks ago, the Cajan region opened at Super Bowl Speedway, outside of Dallas, Texas,” recalled Deyo, whose series visited the oval in late March. “To me, it’s just mind-blowing when you’re in the pits, on a race track in Dallas, and the cars running are our American Racer tire mods with our Short Track Super Series decals (Deyo’s series that started in 2014)一 It’s crazy for me to think about how far we’ve come.”

Deyo’s path has been a pretty steady climb. When he was 15 years old, he was writing a popular racing column for Area Auto Racing News. He also did public relations work on other speedways and at age 23 promoted his first show. Eventually running it all under his BD Motorsports Media LLC.

And in 2022 he hopes to bring his racing show to 26 different race tracks in 10 different

That is amazing.

“I made a lot of friends over the years and a good friend gave me great advice on which tracks were the good ones, which tracks to stay away from and which tracks might pay our money,” Deyo said. “And it kept growing from there. We felt our way through and because we did well and brought a good group of cars with us, it was a little easier to re-book dates.”

Deyo consistently credits a dedicated and dependable staff that makes this great company
possible for him.

So far this season, you’ve seen some of your early season events affected by rain or winter weather. And he wonders if maybe that was a good thing, as the industry is being hit hard by shortages of racing tires and parts.

In his travels around the south, he’s already seen big paid events come to a halt due to shortages. Tire companies have trouble getting the nylon needed for tire production.

“We just haven’t felt it in this area yet because we’re not deep into our season yet,” Deyo said. “I am quite confident in saying that there will be races that will have to be canceled this year because of the tyres.

Deyo was scheduled to have a practice session at Fonda Speedway on Wednesday.

“It’s going to depend a lot on the weather with everything that’s going on, the shortage of parts, engines and tires,” Deyo. “I just want to make sure we open the right way. I don’t want them to come out and bounce around because it’s too wet. The guy that bounces off the ground and over-revs his engine and blows it up, they won’t replace him because of the part problem, so we have to be careful.”

Fonda Speedway’s 71st season opener is scheduled for Saturday.

“Fonda had a great year last year,” said Deyo. “We added some new equipment (a larger wheel and grader) and through the second half of the year, the racetrack responded very well. Championship Night was amazing, the tie for the championship, there is no better way to end a season and build excitement for the next season.”

Their 2022 Fonda calendar offers a wide variety this year. $12,000 to win the Jack Johnson Montgomery County Open race, the return of the Empire Super Sprint car club, Autism Night, raising money for Crossroads Center, and the popular Fonda 200 with $53,000 to win.

“With all the shortages, I just hope everyone works together to make it work because we’re going to need everyone’s help to be able to run the whole season,” Deyo said. “I think if everyone makes smart decisions and doesn’t get greedy and does everything they can to save everything, then we’re going to have a good year. It’s one of those things where everyone is going to have to work together to get through because it’s a tough time for our industry.”

Deyo’s mentality is months ahead. He has already seen him impact the sport.

“I know my thought process has changed: If it’s a rainy, bad day, I’ll probably cancel a little easier than last year because I’d rather save those tires and spares for when the sun comes up and we can have a good night of racing.” .

Martin is ready

Albany-Saratoga and Lebanon Valley Speedway announcer Dan Martin is set to kick off the 2022 season.

“We waited all winter until opening day to get here,” said Martin, who has been behind the microphone for decades. “The cars are new, the colors are bright and everyone is leading the points, so everyone is happy. And not only is it the start of the season at the local level, but it is also a reunion and friends and acquaintances who have not seen each other since the season ended. It’s a great moment and I really want to do it again.”

did you know

Rain forced the season opener of Orange County Fair Speedway to be postponed last Saturday in
the Middletown Oval. They will make another attempt at 6:30 pm on Saturday.


Northeast Stock Car Old Timers (NESCOT) announced its annual Steak & Chicken Bake: The annual event will take place on Sunday, August 21 at the Nassau Sportsman Club.

Tickets are also available for the NESCOT May Lottery Raffle. Tickets for both can be purchased by contacting Rich Carpinello at (518) 477-8352.