Dark Souls 3 player beats the game without taking a single step

An image from Dark Souls 3 of the player character firing an arrow at what appears to be a skeleton warrior.

An image from Dark Souls 3 of the player character firing an arrow at what appears to be a skeleton warrior.

Squatting is allowed.

Many of FromSoftware’s games are punishing. They need calm, patience, and quick reflexes, because any wrong move or panicky action could – and often does – result in an unceremonious death. So, you’d think taking advantage of every tool in your arsenal when exploring FromSoft’s games would be a no-brainer. But YouTuber ymfah did dark souls 3 so much more difficult, limiting his movements in the game to something other than walking.

ymfah is a YouTuber who regularly uploads silly ‘gimmick run’ videos of FromSoft games, like the one where he only used guns in transmitted by blood. Earlier this month, he posted a video doing the improbable: beating dark souls 3 without walking. Of course, there is still movement. ymfah used various exploits and mechanics to get around, including the TearDrop glitch to bypass death boxes and the dash-like quickstep skill on the bandit’s knife. But otherwise, and going as far as turning off his left analog stick, ymfah spent a lot of time shimmying to reach dark souls 3the final boss.

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This is a ridiculous feat in practice. ymfah selected the thief class for the bandit knife, which not only has this fast-stepping weapon skill, but also performs fast forward swings. In addition to the dagger, the thief also starts with a short bow which, when aimed, resets your camera and character position.

After establishing certain parameters, such as no keyboard or stick movements and no key bindings, ymfah started spamming the light attack and fast step skill to move forward, locking onto enemies and aiming with the bow to turn around, and trying to avoid any unnecessary fights along the way. That last part was a hopeless impossibility that ultimately led to many deaths. If that sounds extra, that’s because it is.

ymfah (YouTube)

ymfa said My box on Discord posts that the inspiration came from a similar run he did with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim about a year ago.

“I like to challenge myself with interesting ideas,” ymfah said. “Specifically, I enjoy solving challenges like puzzles. I set a strict goal, plan ahead using game knowledge, and when I encounter an unexpected obstacle, I try to overcome it with new and interesting ideas. I’m on PC, so I used the Steam Controller settings to disable my left stick. It wasn’t really necessary since I was training with this stepless step Skyrim and I did not touch the stick at that time.

One of the hardest things about this run, ymfah said, was recreating the TearDrop glitch, which turns you into a floating fiery ember after tapping the Tears of Denial spell, saving you from fatal damage. . More difficult than that, however, was navigating dark souls 3‘s domains. ymfah pointed out that this race has killed him hundreds of times, especially that tough Gael Slave Knight boss you can find in Filianore’s Rest and The Cathedral of the Deep.

“Most difficult area apart from the [Tears of Denial] headed to the Desecrated Capital would be the Cathedral of the Deep and Irithyll of the Boreal Valley,” ymfah told us. “These areas were a nightmare to navigate with so many enemies to fight. This was before I got the hidden body and sleeping ring combo. Here, ymfah refers to two items that, when used together, prevent enemies from spotting you.

Ymfah has only done this stressful race twice, but he intends to try it with Ring of Elden. It all depends on whether he can find a particular move skill that drops from a Night Cavalry in the fiery Dragonbarrow region of Caelid.

“I would be interested in doing something similar for Ring of Elden for sure. Bloodhound Step should make it easier,” ymfah concluded.