Clear-Com wireless systems keep the Corvette race team on the right course

Endurance car racing puts drivers and crews to the test, and also highlights the importance of quality communications. That’s why the Corvette Racing team has invested in the latest IP intercom technologies from Clear-Com, including the Eclipse HX digital matrix, FreeSpeak II digital wireless systems and the Agent-ICMobile app.

The Corvette Racing team designs and builds race cars for endurance events on street circuits. “Our races are anywhere from 100 minutes to 24 hours,” said team engineer Matt Cummings. “When you’re trying to keep the cars and the drivers running for so long, and also keep the teams and engineers engaged, communication becomes incredibly important.”

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Corvette Clear-Com Racing

(Image credit: Clear-Com)

In 2019, Corvette Racing switched from two-way radios and single-channel intercoms to the newer Clear-Com systems, a move Cummings, now in his seventh year with Corvette Racing, described as one of the biggest evolutions in program history. in terms of quality and productivity.