Halo Infinite’s “Scorpion Gun” Achievement Leaves Season Two

Picture: 343 business sectors Next month, Infinite Halo is get a welcome infusion of new content for its second season. But for all upcoming multiplayer maps, modes, and cosmetics, developer 343 Industries is taking something out of the campaign: the scorpion gun. The inclusion of the scorpion gun, also known as the “tank gun”, was … Read more

Postal 4: No Regerts Review – Nothing But Regrets

The Steam page for open-world first-person shooter Postal 4: No Regerts markets it as “The long-awaited true sequel to what has been affectionately dubbed ‘The Worst Game Ever’, Postal 2!” If developer Running With Scissors’ goal was to live up to that legacy and perhaps even surpass itself, then it succeeded with aplomb. Postal 4 … Read more

Postal 4: no examination of registrations

Maybe I’m supposed to hate Postal 4: No Regerts. Maybe that’s the goal. Developer Running With Scissors describes it as a sequel to the “worst game ever,” Postal 2, which is renowned for its vulgarity and rough edges. If the goal was to make one even worse, that’s certainly been achieved, but that gag doesn’t … Read more

Rockstar removes ‘transphobic’ content from GTA V remasters

In recent years, the press and LGBTQ+ groups have pressured Rockstar Games to remove or edit content they consider “transphobic” in Grand Theft Auto V. Now, players have noticed a few such changes to transgender representation in the game’s recently released “expanded and improved” upgrades for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Reddit user … Read more

Elden Ring player notices horrible details after 200 hours of play

An Elden Ring player notices an ugly detail hidden in the game’s background and soundscape after 200 hours of dedicated play. Ring of Elden takes place in an incredibly deep open world that is full of hidden secrets to uncover. While the game is significantly more fantastical and less horror-focused than previous FromSoftware Soulsborne titles, … Read more

Setup of all 5 movies and shows by Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 sets up multiple movies, TV shows, and spinoffs for Paramount’s Sonic Cinematic Universe, from Sonic 3 to a Shadow spinoff. Paramount creates a sonic cinematic universe, and sonic the hedgehog 2 sets up five films and shows based on beloved Sega characters. Video game movies don’t have a great track record … Read more