Top 5 Expected Additions to Minecraft in 2022

2022 is only a few months away, but Minecraft players already have a ton of content to look forward to this year. Probably the most notable Minecraft content addition this year is the upcoming version 1.9 update, also known as The Wild Update. It promises to improve many aspects of the game’s great outdoors, including implementing new monsters and biomes for players to explore.

However players enjoy their Minecraft experience, there will be a little something for everyone in 2022, likely even after The Wild Update concludes. Mojang rarely takes time out of its content schedule, after all.

Minecraft: 2022 game features to look forward to

5) Reworked swamps, and mangroves

A work in progress generation of a mangrove swamp (Image via Mojang)Froglights, a new light source created by mobs of frogs (Image via Mojang)

3) New mobs to interact with

The Allay is a new mob that can help players collect items (Image via Mojang)Ancient cities are full of both danger and riches (Image via Mojang)

In addition to the Deep Dark biome itself, players are able to find ancient cities within the biome. These long-forgotten structures will no doubt have plenty of treasure to loot, but chances are the guardian won’t be happy with the looting of their domain.

1) New stealth oriented gameplay

The Warden and the Deep Dark will emphasize stealth gameplay (Image via Mojang)

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While it’s already possible for Minecraft players to sneak around a bit, the Deep Dark biome will dramatically increase that gameplay. Since the guardian is incredibly powerful and sculk blocks are able to draw its attention, players will be forced to rely on stealth in order to avoid attacks from the boss mob. Stealth has been a part of Minecraft gameplay for a while, but never quite like it, which makes The Wild Update’s implementation rather unique.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee