Study claims Captain Price is the ‘sexiest male video game character’

In video games, protagonists can come in all shapes and sizes, but more often than not, they’re designed to be eye-pleasing, even gorgeous. But video game fans might be surprised to learn that Captain Price of the Call of Duty series is the hottest male video game character.

A recent study procedurally identified the 10 hottest male characters in video games, perhaps surprisingly putting Captain Price in the top spot. Price has appeared as a playable protagonist in several Call of Duty titles including, Modern warfare, war zone, and Black Ops Cold War. The Boonie cap, the British SAS captain is known for his uncompromising approach and bravery in special operations, while often displaying a quick wit and dark sense of humour.


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The study conducted by Top10casinos was compiled using a method they call the “Golden Ratio”, which is a calculation method that predicts the perceived attractiveness of the subjects entered. According to the study’s calculations, Captain Price of Call of Duty is the most attractive male video game character ever created.

To determine the rankings, a master roster of live characters was generated from a pre-determined list of 50 of GamesRadar’s most iconic video game characters of all time. Only characters with computer-generated human faces were selected. Characters such as Doom Guy from Loss and Master Chief of the Halo series were excluded, as they wear a combat helmet throughout the games. The study then used a computer vision algorithm to approximate the geometric golden ratio of each character’s face using images taken from Google images with a clear background and no facial expressions. After all that, it gets a bit technical, but the bottom line is that the higher the golden ratio, the more attractive the face.

The top 10 contains instantly recognizable names, and some could arguably be considered more appealing than others. Among the names on the list that might surprise some players is Niko Bellic of Grand Theft Auto 4, a seemingly odd choice. Here is the top 10 in full:

1. Captain Price – Call of Duty 88.90%

2. Geralt of Rivia – the witcher 86.99%

3. Commander Shepard (male) – Mass Effect 86.79%

4. Niko Bellic – Grand Theft Auto 86.04%

5. Max Payne – Max Payne 84.19%

6. Ezio Auditore of Florence – Assassin’s Creed 83.53%

7. Officer 47 – Hitman 82.26%

8. Isaac Clarke – dead space 81.48%

9. Sam Fisher – Splinter Cell by Tom Clancy 81.11%

10. Nathan Drake – Unexplored 79.39%

There are some interesting results for fans to quibble over. Most would probably agree though, that Nathan Drake of Unexplored is objectively more handsome than Niko Bellic from GTA. However, it’s easy to see how some people might feel differently and think Niko is more worthy of a magazine cover. The study also revealed that Geralt of Rivia scored an impressive 86.99% out of 100, ranking just behind Captain Price, however, after new information, Henry Cavill’s on-screen version of Geralt n only managed a Golden Ratio score of 69.82% in a separate TV. show poll, a 17% difference, which means he’s no match for the video game character.

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Source: Top10casinos

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