NY Horse Racing Coalition holds its first day of lobbying

Today, We Are NY Horse Racing held its first-ever Lobbying Day to educate legislators about the importance of horse racing to the New York State economy. Dozens of stakeholders from a variety of organizations, nonprofits, and unions came together to educate legislators about a sport that drives an industry responsible for 19,000 jobs and more than $3 billion in annual economic impact.

“The sport of horse racing has given me the opportunity to join an industry that really supports me,” said Exercise Jockey Francisco Eduardo Barrera Torres. “Since I started my career at Belmont Park in 2007, I have become a part of something bigger. Sport has given me a great sense of pride because I have been able to support my family and send my son to school. I am thrilled to be a part of We Are NY Horse Racing’s efforts because we must come together to protect our jobs and wages that support families.”

Lobbying Day comes as We Are NY Horse Racing implemented paid advertisements both digitally and on television to highlight the positive economic impacts of the sport. Since its initial launch in September, the We Are NY Horse Racing coalition has grown rapidly and now includes nearly 50 member organizations. We Are NY Horse Racing is a diverse group of small businesses, unions, nonprofits, trade organizations, and community groups working to advocate on behalf of the 19,000 women and men who work in and around the sport.

“As a new dad, this sport gives my family a sense of security because I’m part of a community,” said Chris Manza, IBEW Local 25 electrical foreman. “That’s why this is so much more than a job, it’s a career that I can be proud of. I am incredibly fortunate to work at Belmont Park, and I encourage our elected officials to visit us and see for themselves why this community is so special.”

“As a veterinarian and breeder, I am fortunate to be able to care for these wonderful animals every day,” said Dr. Scott Ahlschwede, DVM of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital. “None of us would have been here today without horses, and it was an honor to be able to describe my role in the New York racing ecosystem to the legislators gathered today. It was gratifying to see and hear their interest in a sport that plays a central role in the lives of so many New Yorkers.

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“I’m proud to stand in solidarity with We Are NY Horse Racing on this Lobbying Day, so we can protect the critical economic benefits the sport brings to our State,” said Vincent Albanese, New York State Director of Policy and Public Affairs. Workers Organization Fund. “I have seen firsthand how vital the sport of horse racing is to protecting the high-paying union jobs that countless union members depend on. Not only does it benefit the unionized construction industry, it helps ensure that the economy across our state prosper by generating $3 billion in annual economic impact, 19,000 direct jobs.”

“Horse racing and breeding create thousands of jobs and encourage small businesses, including those in the agricultural sector across the state,” said Jeff Williams, director of public policy for the New York Farm Bureau. “We support the We Are NY Horse Racing Coalition as they hold their Lobby Day event and will continue to support their efforts.”

For additional information on We Are NY Horse Racing and its diverse membership, please visit www.nyhorseracing.com.

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