Homicide suspect in robbery left homework in getaway car

A Clark County School District student arrested in a robbery and killed at a home in southwest Las Vegas left schoolwork in a car that police say was used in the crime, according to a recently released arrest report in the case.

High school student Kamari Oliver, 18, has been charged with murder, robbery, burglary and kidnapping in the March 25 murder of Natalie Manduley, 24, of Las Vegas, at a home near South Torrey Pines Drive and West Robindale Road. An arrest report for Oliver says he was taken into custody at a Las Vegas Valley high school on March 28.

The name of the school where Oliver was arrested has been removed from Oliver’s arrest report. The school district said in an email Monday that it would not release the name of the school Oliver attended and would not “confirm or reject a student with that name.”

Manduley, police said, was shot dead in a bedroom of the house in the 6400 block of Bright Nimbus Avenue during a home invasion and armed robbery. She lived there with a woman and her boyfriend. Police said in Oliver’s arrest report that the boyfriend is known to “sell high-end jewelry on Instagram.”

Police say the theft took place at 2.10pm when three men and a woman broke into the house and demanded money from the occupants. A female victim survivor was forced into a closet at gunpoint and repeatedly asked “What’s in the safe”. A shootout then broke out between Manduley and her attackers, leaving Manduley dead in a bedroom.

Police said they found 26 different casings at the scene.

Manduley’s boyfriend reported to police that $5,000 in cash was stolen. He told police he had been to the store at the time of the robbery, then returned home to find the assailants leaving the crime scene in a white Mercedes-Benz. They drove off in the Mercedes, and the boyfriend followed them and crashed his car into the back of the attackers’ car, causing it to crash into a wall near the house. The driver of the Mercedes got out and fired several shots at the boyfriend, police said.

Oliver’s arrest report says police searched the Mercedes and found $5,000 in cash inside along with a red backpack.

“Inside the backpack was a school Chrome Book as well as a school workbook, specifically math work,” police said. “In the upper right corner of the school work, the name ‘Kamari Oliver’ and ‘5th period’ were written.”

Homicide investigators checked with school district police and learned that Oliver was a student at a CCSD high school. He had an unjustified absence for the last two school periods on the day of the murder, police said. On March 28, school police informed homicide detectives that Oliver had reported to the school where he had been taken into custody.

Police said Oliver had a burn and laceration above his right eye. He also had a small abrasion in the middle of his forehead and nose.

“Oliver was questioned about his injuries,” police said. “He said he got into a fight at a party over the weekend. When confronted with the murder, Oliver said he wanted a lawyer and all questioning ceased.

Police said CCTV showed Oliver disposing of a handgun near the crime scene. Police also said they received a call from a witness who said he took Oliver from the area shortly after the homicide. The witness said Oliver approached them in their vehicle and told them he had been beaten up in a fight and needed a ride.

Las Vegas police declined a request for an interview Monday, citing an ongoing investigation. Oliver’s arrest report says the woman who participated in the robbery was known to the victims and had socialized at the house the day before, police said.

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