GTA V, GTA Online PS5, Xbox Review: Next-gen gameplay impressions and videos | Launderer’s report

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It’s a testament to Grand Theft Auto V as one of the best games of all time that Rockstar Games’ next-gen upgrade is a chance for players to triple down while possibly being the best edition of the game. game for new players.

Originally released in 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the story of Michael, Franklin and Trevor – and arguably the best town as a character – returns once again harnessing the power of next-gen consoles on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

While it might be easy to cancel this release as a formality and might not even be worth the investment, it just isn’t, especially on PlayStation 5 thanks to some creative work with features. unique to the system.

GTA V and GTA Online have never looked better or played better, exceeding expectations.

Graphics and gameplay

It was easy to look forward and hope GTA V didn’t look too dated or unimpressive with a second console remaster as it enters its third generation of systems.

Still, it kind of blows expectations out of the water.

This version of the game is simply stunning. Part of that has to do with the reworked lighting system (Raytracing or otherwise) which will impress even PC gamers who have already enjoyed it to the fullest on an SSD with fast load times.

But overall, GTA V looks brighter and more detailed than ever. NPCs in the open world are perhaps the only thing that looks too dated looking at their mannerisms or getting close to them. Otherwise, the game, on an immersive level, manages to match just about any release.

Maybe it shouldn’t be so shocking. Even non-next-gen versions of this game rank among the most immersive open worlds of all time. Los Santos and its distinct neighborhoods and general character are second to none. Even recent big open-world offerings like Cyberpunk 2077 don’t match its character, diversity, or depth.

The same glowing praise doesn’t necessarily apply to actual gameplay. Combat, in particular, still feels clunky and outdated, which only gets worse every year as the rest of the industry advances in these areas. But at this point, it’s almost part of the Rockstar charm (a lot of players weren’t thrilled with Red Dead 2’s control schemes or gameplay pacing, remember?) and bringing appropriate expectations into this release in almost makes a moot point – the game was released in 2013, after all.

While it’s a little disappointing that more progress hasn’t been made in this area, we also can’t tell on the outside what a company it would have been to completely revamp the locking system and controls , if possible at all .

It’s also clear that a lot of energy has gone into the DualSense haptic feedback on the PlayStation 5.

The work on this front is phenomenal and possibly the best app we’ve seen to date. Apparently everything has an impact on the feel of the controller. Raindrops and wind shake the controller. Directional feedback emulates what happens on screens – the left side of the controller vibrates when a car passes in front of the player character’s left side, for example. Heading towards a speaker in a club also intensifies the vibrations realistically.

One more thing about the controller on PS5: it lights up red and blue when a player gains a wanted level and switches between blue, green, and orange depending on which protagonist they’re controlling. Smooth.

GTA Online, next-gen features and more

The story of Michael, Franklin and Trevor doesn’t change here, for what it’s worth. Memorable, shocking or other moments that have gone viral remain intact – they simply look better and have been upgraded to impressive modern performance standards. For those experiencing it for the first time, hats off.

The story, its ability to weave multiple protagonists into meaningful gameplay moments, the settings, the length, and the risks were all ahead of their time, and they not only feel good today, but they continue to place the bar that other games try to reach.

GTA Online is the hottest topic of discussion considering how it has evolved with continued support over the years, setting the stage for the trend of live gaming.

GTAO gets a revamped menu system that allows the player to quickly dive into certain activities. That’s a very, very good thing – GTAO veterans know all too well how clunky it was to click through menus or try to find certain activities reliably in the past.

The new menus are just a taste of the game’s efforts to make the new player experience more user-friendly. Upon initial startup, new players can now participate in a career builder, which guides players through segments of what GTAO has to offer. That, plus $4 million to funnel into a business and choose from career paths of executive, nightclub owner, sniper, or biker.

In previous versions of GTAO, the game would simply drop a new player down the street with a handful of dollars, a gun, and a barrage of messages, but no real direction on what to do. According to the server, they were probably quickly mowed down hard by other players, to boot.

Biggest part of GTAO’s quality of life update, besides the obvious boost in frame rates and resolution, is the faster load times. In the past, players spent an unhealthy part of their lives staring at clouds in a loading screen – we’re talking about loading times to do chores, folks – and thankfully that’s no longer the case.

There’s still a huge barrier to entry here, perhaps more so than any other similar offering in, say, the MMO realm. But there’s also a litany of reasons why the mode has thrived for as long as it has, spawning inadequate imitators left and right: it’s just plain fun.

Running multiple businesses, laundering money, and buying up properties all over Los Santos while gradually progressing is just pure fun and a gargantuan waste of time, mostly of the positive variety.

Technically, this offer is based on the power of the new consoles. Performance jumps to 60 frames per second and resolution to native 4K. Players have to choose between the two, but both look and run well, which isn’t too shocking given that even backward compatible versions of last-gen games ran at 30 FPS and 1080p.

Luckily for returning players, migrating GTAO’s story and progression is a pretty seamless experience and even comes with a few exclusive bonuses – a nice capsule on what’s a pretty technically sound upgrade to a already classic package.


It’s amazing to think that Los Santos first established itself as an open world at a time when open worlds were quite rare. Now, they feel like one of the most common checklist items in every major release, but Los Santos still stand above them so many years later.

So it’s nice to see that this beloved place has been treated with the care and attention it deserves and that the overall offering isn’t a half-hearted effort to funnel more players into GTAO on new consoles. .

Certainly, it does this very, very well thanks to the revamped onboarding process. And more than a few players, either those who have sworn never to touch it or complete newcomers, will surely dive into GTAO and quickly fall in love after these changes.

But overall, it’s easily the best way to experience GTA V, it’s worth a look even for players with hundreds of hours in previous editions, and it’s a great example of how to bring a classic to next-gen systems where old and new players alike await.