Fox 32 Taper Cast gravel suspension fork in ultralight design

The all-new Fox 32TC gravel suspension fork is now the lightest gravel suspension fork with a telescopic design, thanks to a complete redesign of their step layout, inverted arch and minimalist design.

The stock Fox AX gravel suspension fork was little more than a rebadged and shortened 32 Step Cast mountain bike fork. It worked, but was too built for the task at hand, and therefore heavier than necessary. And the wide crown presented clearance issues for some frames. Fox knew they could do better, and the new 32TC is the result.

fox 32tc light gravel suspension fork mounted towards the camera

The 32 Taper Cast comes in three tiers -Factory, Performance Elite and Performance- and they all share the new lightweight chassis with the arch at the rear.

Based on stated weights at launch, the 1226g 32 TC is one gram lighter than the 1227g Rockshox Rudy fork released last August. Marginal gains, indeed. And both claims are for cut steerer tubes, so your results may vary.

To save weight, Fox gave it a shorter air spring that delivers the desired spring curve. Where the old 32 SC could take up to seven volume reduction struts (and benefited from their use), the new 32 TC fits a maximum of four, and Fox says you might not even have need to use it.

It only comes with a 1.5″ tapered head tube, which they claim makes it compatible with the vast majority of bikes, with a focus on modern frames that all use this standard.

Sticking with 12x100mm thru-axles kept it narrow, and the knobs and switches on top are smaller, lower versions of what’s on their MTB forks. Combined, these help it clear the downtubes of most frames.

close up detail of fox 32tc gravel bike suspension fork

More weight savings come from a chiseled bottom that tapers (hence the nickname “TC” Taper Cast vs. “SC” Step Cast from before). Note the bulge of the mid-leg rings and you’ll get an idea of ​​how they made it.

Fox says these cutouts won’t get clogged with mud, and that’s why they placed the trusses and cutouts at the front of the inverted arch…so they point away from the direction of the flying mud. . Unless you are driving backwards.

The arch is inverted because it allows them to put it lower and reduce the material more…and it looks much sleeker from the front, more appropriate for a drop bar bike.

Fender mounts on the bottom and on the arch allow a full fender to be mounted, and mounting tabs are included with every fork.

2022 Fox 32TC Specifications

rider descending on the new fox 32tc gravel suspension fork

Specifications common to all three trim levels are:

  • 40mm and 50mm travel options
  • Axle to crown: 435.5mm (40mm) and 445.5mm (50mm)
  • 45mm and 50mm rake options
  • FIT4 and GRIP shock options
  • 700c chassis (not compatible with 650B*)
  • Maximum tire clearance of 700 x 50mm (45mm max with fender fitted)
  • Air/oil bypass channels at lower legs
  • 1-1/8″ to 1.5″ tapered steerer
  • Flat mount brakes – compatible with 160mm/180mm rotors

*Why is the Fox 32TC fork not 650B compatible? Because those ring and seal bulges at the top of the lowers are right where the widest point of a 650B tire would be, which limits tire clearance to just 30mm. And we all know that’s not enough.

Fox 32TC Factory

fox 32tc factory gravel suspension fork shown from every angle

The 32TC Factory forks receive Kashima-coated stanchions and their FIT4 dampers, offering external low-speed compression damping adjustments in open mode, as well as the usual Open-Medium-Firm three-position switch that stops before damper. to be a complete lockdown. The rebound button on all models is recessed inside the bottoms. Choose from gloss orange or gloss black on this model.

Fox 32 TC Performance Elite

fox 32tc performance elite gravel suspension fork shown from every angle

The Performance Elite model retains the FIT4 shock, but switches to their black anodized coating on the stanchions. All models use the same Kabolt-X bolt-on thru-axle. If you like the stealthy matte black color, go for this one or the…

Fox 32TC Performance

The 32TC Performance fork is equipped with Fox’s adjustable three-position GRIP damper, which gives you micro-adjustments between footprints.

The price of the forks ranges from $769 to $949 US ($1,039 to $1,279 CAD / €1,259 to €1,039)

video hype

Above is the sizzle reel. Below Geoff Kabush takes it for a spin and compares it back to back with a rigid fork.

All models are available now. Stay tuned, we’ve been rolling one for a while and we’ll report back after the Sea Otter Classic bargain this week…