Elden Ring’s Most Mysterious and Secret Items, Explained

If you’re like me, you picked up buckets full of items in Ring of Elden and let them languish in your inventory. It may be because you forgot you had them, overwhelmed by the number of weird mysteries in the world. Or maybe you just have no idea what to do with them – which is of course why I’ve been hoarding Ruin Shards and Golden Runes, not knowing how to use them.

I learned a lot from my colleagues about these strange and underexplained objects found around the world in Ring of Elden. Let me be the one to ask – and answer – the questions you’re too afraid to ask.

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Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

What are golden runes?

It’s as if everything in Ring of Elden is a rune, and runes are used for everything. All of this is partly true. Runes are both currency and experience points in Ring of Elden. Golden runes do not automatically add to these counts: after you pick up a golden rune and add it to your inventory, it stays there.

It’s actually a consumable item that gives you different amounts of runes once you hit the “use” button in your inventory. Using your golden runes is a good way to level up quickly, as you gain a bunch of runes at once. If you don’t cash them in, the Golden Runes stay with you even if you die, almost like a backup wallet of runes you haven’t “spent” yet.

Tip: You can find golden runes inside glowing skulls scattered around the world of Ring of Elden. To pop the Golden Rune out of the skull, you can smash it with your weapon or under Torrent’s hooves.

And the fragments of ruin? What are these?

OK. Ruin Fragments aren’t runes at all. These are basically rocks that you find around Ring of Elden, which are needed to craft certain stone-related items, such as Glowstone or Rainbow Stone. (By the way, you’ll need a crafting kit to craft items.)

Why do you use Rainbow Stones or Glowstones?

A big question I had when I started playing Ring of Elden That’s why I needed colored and shiny stones. Well, you can use them in different ways. For one, you can throw them at enemies. You can also use them to illuminate Ring of Eldendark spaces, of which there are many. However, a torch or lantern you can cling to is probably the best bet for searching dark hallways and caves. If you haven’t found these items yet, Lightstones also work.

The other useful way to use these items is to drop them off cliffs and into holes to test for potential damage from falling. If you’re like me, you may have fallen into unnecessarily labeled holes with a message telling you there was a cave to explore…and you may have quickly discovered, like me, that it was a trap. . You can use these stones to “test” areas like this. You’ll need to listen carefully for the sound the stone makes when it hits the ground – the higher the height, the more likely you are to die from fall damage.

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Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Are Rowa Raisins useful?

You can’t eat Rowa Raisins in Ring of Elden, but your Torrent buddy can. And he should! Torrent, like you, takes damage. Rowa Raisins are crafted from Rowa Fruit, and if you equip them, you can feed your Torrent buddy while riding him. Of course, Torrent’s death isn’t the end of the world; if you wait a few seconds, you can summon it again. (Except in some specific situations, where Torrent can only be revived by using a Flask of Crimson Tears.) Either way, if Torrent dies suddenly, it’ll likely put you at a disadvantage against enemies, as you’ll need to recover from it. a fall to the ground due to your horse disappearing.

The other thing you can do to heal Torrent is drink a vial of Crimson Tears while rolling, which will heal you and heal him slightly too.

What is a Stonesword key? How much do I need?

These can be slightly confusing. Although they look like a small stone knife, they are actually a key. You can use them to open stone gargoyle statues. Some statues need two keys to open, and others need one, which isn’t always immediately obvious.

The other thing about Stonesword Keys is that they’re single-use, so think about when and where you use them before you jump in. If you only use one of these keys on a gargoyle statue that requires two keys to open for example, the path will remain blocked until you manage to find another key and use it on this same statue. However, there is no reason to accumulate them. You should find enough of them in the world, and even sell them at certain merchants.

What do Scarabs do?

Scarabs are beetles that you will see roaming the world of Ring of Elden, sprouting large glittering spheres covered in golden glitter. You can fight these Scarabs and they’ll drop items – usually Spells or Ashes of War. But some scarabs are red or blue (crimson and cerulean teardrop scarabs), and if you defeat these scarabs, they’ll fill your corresponding flask with crimson or cerulean tears. This makes them extremely useful to seek out – unless you’re resting on a grace site, in which case you don’t need to hunt them.

What is Glowort?

Glovewort is an item that will come in handy once you meet and help Roderika and she settles into the Roundtable Hold. You can trade his Glovewort in exchange for upgrading your summon, making your spirit friends more powerful. There is also another item called Ghost Glovewort, which is used during Legendary Summons. Both items are pretty rare, so use them on spirits you like – probably jellyfish.