Atlanta Braves receive World Series rings in 18.71-karat white gold, 755 diamonds and, yes, pearls

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Braves finally have their bling, and yes, pearls are involved.

Just before the first pitch of Saturday night’s game against the Cincinnati Reds at Truist Park, members of Atlanta’s front office, coaching staff and roster received their World Series rings celebrating the season’s championship last.

A total of 24 current players have received rings for their efforts on the 2021 squad.

“Honestly, when they first showed it to me, I was like ‘God’. I was just – my jaw dropped open and I couldn’t give them anything,” manager Brian Snitker said.

Snitker got a glimpse of the design of the ring before it was cut. When asked what he would change and improve on the sample he was shown, he was so impressed he was left speechless.

Even finally, putting the ring on his finger during the pre-match ceremony left him in awe.

“I’ll probably go home tonight and put it in a nice light and put my glasses on and watch it up close,” Snitker said after the Braves’ 2-1 win over the Reds.

“This ring, I could go on and on and on. I mean, it’s like everything is something about this ring. Everything has meaning, which is really cool.”

Atlanta’s Game 6 win over the Houston Astros last November lifted the organization to the fourth World Series trophy, and the second since the team moved to Atlanta in 1966. The Braves last won the World Series in 1995.

During Saturday’s pregame ceremony, ring recipients walked from the Braves’ dugout onto a red carpet that led to a stage that had been positioned in front of the pitcher’s mound. Each of the rings came inside a black box.

The night’s starting pitcher, Kyle Wright, had to wait until he left the game before trying on his ring. He said he felt heavy and was a little tight on his finger.

“I really didn’t watch it for very long,” Wright said.

But from the little he had seen, was there a favorite part?

“All of it,” Wright said with a laugh. “Everything was really cool. I don’t know if I can pick one thing in particular. But just the detail. Everything they did was awesome. I feel like they did it well, it ‘is on.”

Each ring features the Braves’ “A” logo in 18.71-karat white gold, a nod to the founding of the franchise in 1871.

The ring features a removable top. When opened, it lights up with micro-LED lights that illuminate a miniature Truist Park positioned inside the ring. The indoor ballpark features No. 44 on its outdoor turf, in recognition of a tribute the ballpark had all season following the passing of Hall of Famer Hank Aaron earlier in the year. Aaron wore No. 44.

Aaron’s historic 755 home runs are depicted in the ring. There are a total of 755 diamonds on it.

“There’s a lot of Hanks in this ring,” Snitker said, “and that’s how it should be.”

Players from the winning team, including current San Francisco Giants outfielder Joc Pederson, helped design the ring. Even Pederson’s pearl necklace, which he wore throughout the Atlanta playoffs, is featured in the ring’s design. Each ring features a single pearl in recognition of the phenomenon that fans latched onto last fall.

During the playoffs, fans followed Pederson’s lead and wore beads at the ballpark. Local schools even encouraged children to wear beaded necklaces as excitement about the team’s race grew.

After leaving the podium with their new rings on Saturday, excited players crowded onto the pitch, comparing rings, taking pictures with their phones and showing them to cameras hooked up to the stadium’s video card.

Snitker admitted this week that he probably won’t wear his ring much.

“Maybe when you dress up and do special occasions,” the manager said. “I’m not a big ring bearer. But I’m still going to be very proud of it and flaunt it.”

After the ceremony, however, he backed off slightly.

“Honestly, in the right situation,” Snitker said, “it’s portable.”

Saturday’s ring ceremony came after the Braves unveiled their championship pennant Thursday night and honored their individual 2021 winners in a pre-game ceremony Friday.