At $8,500, Could This 2005 Subaru Forester XT Rock Your World?

Good Price Or No Dice 2005 Subaru Forester XT

A motorcycle accident resulting in the loss of the ability to drive the stick is the motivation for today’s sale Good price or no dice Forester, with current owner claiming “My loss, your gain.” Let’s see if its price puzzles us.

Some people like to drink orange juice without the pulp. This saves having to search for stray pieces of orange with your tongue after a drink when you’re really wanted was right to hydrate and benefit from a little Vitamin C. Others, on the other hand, like their luscious OJ, thinking the added texture makes the experience closer to the happiness of eat a fresh orange right next to the tree.

Given this context, I think we can all agree that the 1986 Buick Le Saber Grand National we looked at yesterday is the automotive equivalent of orange juice without the pulp. From another way of seeing things, Iit’s the middle aged guy with a stranger vasectomy requested repopulate a post-apocalyptic world. You know what I mean, kind of a disappointment. At $15,000, the Buick’s price proved a same biggest disappointment for most of you, ending in a massive loss of 97% no dice. Perhaps the result would have been a little less tragic if seller managed to clean the cat prints off the car before taking the ad photos?

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The main outline of today’s announcement Subaru Forester 2005 is pretty impressive, with the car seemingly just climbing a rugged mountain ridge and with barely a cat in sight. According to the seller, this Subie was built for such off-road shenanigans. Unfortunately, these have been reduced, as the seller explains: “He had a motorcycle accident and can no longer drive a manual.”

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It’s a shame since there seems to be to have been a ton of work put in that Forester for such an adventure, and manual transmission examples of the breed touristic complex from little and far between. One of the greatest of them updates to the Forester is the installation of an EJ207 63K taken from a JDM importer. That probably more than makes up for the chassis’ 188,500 miles.

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Other updates include KYB spacers, RalliTek springs that give the car an inch of lift, and a scraper plate under the engine to get over the tough stuff. An additional ADF lift kit helps give the car a full 12 inches of ground clearance.

The turbocharged, air-cooled pancake four is supposed to run smoothly and burn no oil. It’s backed by a heavy-duty clutch to keep things under control. On top of all that, the car comes with two wheel/tire sets, the second set including BFG mud flaps.

Cosmetically the car looks decent in the photos, although the seller admits to having a number of brush-related scratches in the paintwork and a small dent in a fender from interaction with a tree. Functionally, the seller notes a small leak on the rear driveshaft, another minor leak on the left side of the engine, and a crack in the sunroof which, conversely, would not leak.

We don’t see much of the interior, but the preview we get indicates the car has leather upholstery and a JVC Aftermarket double DIN stereo in center console. This apparently also works as a screen for an additional reversing camera.

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The seller says he has the proper title in hand and is willing to accept the cryptocurrency in exchange for the car’s $8,500 demand. It’s not something any of us need worry about since our currency is hypothetical, not crypto, so zero risk. Isn’t it nice?

Let’s see how good this off-road Subaru feels at that $8,500 asking, hypothetical or not. What do you think, does this build seem worth that kind of money? Or is it a Forester priced to be left in the woods?

You decide!

Portland, Oregon, craigslistwhere to go here if the ad disappears.

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