At $3,500, Is This 1994 Ford Escort GT Wagon A Transporter For Hoonage?

Good price or no dice 1994 Ford Escort GT wagon

Some sellers try to hide the horn they made in the cars they have for sale. That’s definitely not the case today Good price or no dice Custom Escort, as advertised, the GT wagon is shown doing its job on the track. Let’s see how that tracks against its asking price.

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No one – and I mean not a single soul – would ever mistake an American Ford Escort for a classic. Now, to be fair, there are plenty of European escorts that are viably and legitimately classified as such. A rally heritage has made hallowed names of Escort editions like the RS2000, Twin Cam and Mexico.

This 1994 Escort is from the US branch of the company, but it apparently comes with its own racing heritage which the seller boldly demonstrates in its ad. We will have to see if you all feel that hooning adds to the value of the escort or diminishes the value.

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We’ll have to start by pointing out that this is an Escort model that Ford never built. The company offered the wagon in base and top trim, but never as a dual-cam, offset-badge GT. An enterprising soul cannibalized a three-door GT for these parts and more to create this monstrous mash of a hot haul wagon.

It shows how Lego-like cars of this type are, right down to the point where a center console removed from a Mazda Protege has been bolted into the cabin. Thanks to the relationship between cousins ​​embracing escort and protege, it just works.

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All Escort GT hardware is included. This includes the 1.8 liter DOHC four Ford sourced from Mazda along with all of its intake and exhaust components. The 127 horsepower four-cylinder is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and the car has been imbued with a number of suspension updates to improve handling and throwing ability.

This has all apparently been put to good use as the ad includes photos of the car seemingly on the track, with numbers on the doors and all. It’s the kind of proof-of-concept you rarely see in an ad and kudos to the seller for being brash enough to both race the wagon and show it being dumped that way.

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However, it’s not all checkered flags and laurel wreaths with this utility GT. The seller describes the car as a “good running and driving project” and notes a number of issues with the car. These include a non-functioning power steering system (although the Armstrong steering appears to be working just fine), as well as what is described as a “minor exhaust leak” and a problem with the backup lights which will cause fail the car any off-track safety inspection. There is also a bit of piece removed from the rear bumper, but that just makes the car lighter so perhaps shouldn’t be considered a demerit.

On the plus side, the car comes with a clean title, 72,000 claimed miles on the odometer and a few extras. These are said to include a set of GT rockers and a pair of seats from an MX3 that will come with the car. A bunch of other parts are also available upon additional request.

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We’re not starting a swap meet booth, so we’ll stick with the car and everything that comes with it at the seller’s asking price of $3,500. Before we do that, though, we’ll need to get your vote and feedback on whether or not this looks like a deal.

What do you think, is this Escort GT wagon worth that kind of money? Or is it too deep down the rabbit hole to ask that much?

You decide!

Westchester, New York, craigslistwhere to go here if the ad disappears.

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