At $23,900, will this 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO GSR do the housework?

Nice price or no dice 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO GSR

Today Good price or no dice Lancer EVO has something many of these cars don’t have – a title of its own. Let’s see if that’s a price for a clean getaway.

There is an old stock market mantra of “buy low and sell high”. Of course, in the real world things are much more complicated than that, and in the world of auto sales the current rule seems to be to buy high and sell even higher. This is exactly what the owner of the 1989 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Targa we watched yesterday look for do after having spent a pretty penny on the car last year and now want to to get a 20 percent bonus on that in asking for an intoxicating $89,000. Few of you thought it wise to (a) activate this line of thought, or (b) actually pay that much for the Porsche. The result was a massive loss of 89% with no dice.

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Not all cars are expensive these days, but most are. It doesn’t make our job any easier, it just drags the scale of what is a reasonable deal, and what’s crazy, speaks a little about the curve. What hasn’t changed in this crazy car market is the perceived values ​​of cars aside from price. It’s really more the inherent desirability of a car that, of course, is the primary determining factor in any relationship.

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One thing that can affect this desirability is where a car comes from – is it an interesting or engaging car, or perhaps one with an interesting history? Another factor is condition – does the car show up in decent, driveable condition? Perhaps just as important, does it come with a title proper, which means it be free of any past shenanigans that could affect its performance, security or current resale?

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This 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO GSR benefits from these two desirability factors. Being an EVO, it benefits from being the latest (and seemingly the last) in Mitsubishi’s series of rally-inspired AWD road cars. It also comes with a proper title which is apparently something to brag about these models as many of them on offer these days are struggling with recovery securities.

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He apparently has the goods too. These include a 291 horsepower 2.0-litre four-five-speed turbo engine powering all four wheels through Mitsubishi’s S-AWC (Super-All Wheel Control) system. And yes, Mitsubishi cuts the name in this strange way in their media material.

According to the ad, the car comes with 129,345 miles on the odometer, and while that’s not a horrendous number, it equates to nearly 18,000 a year, which is more than your average bear. During this time and mileage, the car has apparently gone through its stock clutch as the ad notes the addition of an Exedy stage one unit. This is quite an expensive item, especially when you calculate the labor cost for its installation. In addition to the new clutch, the EVO has also refreshed discs and pads for its Brembo brakes.

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These brake calipers are of course painted red and are exposed behind the factory 18 inch Enkei wheels. These show a bit of rash, a factor that may have caused the seller to rate the overall condition of the car as “good” rather than “excellent” in the ad. The rest of the car appears to be reasonably solid shape though with a few quirks to note. most glaring of these is a series of dents and chips in the driver’s side A-Pillar who dos it seems like like someone tried to cut the car in karate for some reason. There is also a good chunk of clearcoat that got smudged on the nose spoiling the overall picture, but that’s a bit to be expected on a daily driver, which this car seems to be.

Other than that, it shows straight in the photos with reasonable painting apart from that issue with the nose. JThe car was debadged with the odd exception of a flex-fuel medallion on the home trunk lid. It’s something I’m not sure I should even be there. The large rear wing is also missing, which is another headache.

At least-On the debatable side, the car sports a fabric interior that seems to stick to the plan. Everything looks stock in the cabin, down to the factory touchscreen stereo and Recaro seats.

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With Mitsubishi currently focusing on… well, whatever the company is up to these days, it’s unlikely we’ll get a new road rocket like the EVO anytime soon. This model, the EVO X, was the last of the breed. And, while this one isn’t quite as visceral as previous editions, it’s a bit more liveable as a result. We’ll just have to figure out how livable its $23,900 price tag seems to be.

What do you think of this EVO on its own and its $23,900 price tag? Does this sound like a bargain for the car as advertised? Or does that price make you an Evolution miscreant?

You decide!

Chicago, Ill., craigslistwhere to go here if the ad disappears.

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