At $23,500, would you add this 1923 Ford to your to-do list?

Good Price or No Dice 1923 Ford Bucket T

Today Good price or no dice Bucket T represents one of the rare car models to be adored in song, by Jan & Dean just that! Let’s see if this tidy but wild hot rod has a price tag that might be music to your ears.

Well, I have to say, based on the comments at least, last Friday 1996 Chevy Impala SS certainly brought out a certain fieriness in you all. Some have complained about the size of the B-Body. Others complained that it was the lowest production color. Definitely, I present to you all with this Chevy was like throwing a baby gazelle smothered in barbecue sauce at a pack of hungry lions. Few of you were interested in bragging about the Impala’s $22,500 asking price.ugh, deeming it too high for such an old, big and badly colored car. In the end it fooled Chevy brought home a massive loss of 89% no dice, even in these crazy car times.

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Speaking of crazy cars, please point your eyeballs at this 1923 Ford Bucket T hot rod. Pretty wild, right? Now, let’s get one thing out of the way here: this isn’t your typical NPOND competitor. No sir, and/or madam, not even close.

What We generally gravitate towards are cars that are… well, cars. It’s less of a car and more of a toy, and although the seller notes that it comes with some sort of soft top, no one is really going to consider this an everyday car. commute or to deposit children at school. Not everyone has room in their hearts and garages for such a toy, but for those who do, it seems like a pretty solid build. and looks like a tailed primate barrel in which to make fun of.

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According to the ad, the seller bought the car as a project a few years ago and built it in its current turnkey condition. Part of this work included dropping a rebuilt 351 Cleveland V8 and C4 three-speed automatic transmission. Now, I’m just going to offer kudos to the automaker for going with a Ford mill here. Few hot rod builders are able to overcome the siren song of the SBC in this type of build and it’s an unholy marriage of brands that I don’t want to oblige.

The chassis appears to be a traditional T-style with transverse leaf springs on the front and rear axles, though updated with tube shocks and disc brakes. It all makes it feel like it’s straight out of the 60s, the heyday of this kind of hot rod as people who grew up with the Ts and As models as their first car started looking for crisis cars of quarantine. By the time the 70s came around, many builders were tossing the svelte rear of the T in favor of an independent unit taken from a jag sedan or a wrecked XKE. This bucket is much more of a purist build, except for the crazy, wide rear tires that look like they should smooth out new tarmac or something.

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The announcement offers a list of all the work done to bring the car to its current state and says there are hardly any miles left on the build since its completion. You might be wondering if anyone would bother to build a toy like this and seem uninterested in playing with it, and the seller anticipated that question. The ad states that “I like the build process, but I’ve lost interest in driving the car, so someone will benefit.”

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That being said, he also needs “a few touch-ups” to get him over the finish line. The seller does not note exactly what remains to be done and the car seems complete right down to the brake lights and indicators. Reading the ad, there doesn’t seem to be any more heavy work to do, so it could be simple things like tuning the carbs and racing against Tom Slick.

As I said at the beginning, the Bucket T was immortalized in song by ’60s So-Cal surf duo Jan & Dean. This makes it one of the few cars deemed so important to car culture so that to have deserved such an honor. And, while it’s not much more than a toy, plenty of adult children still play with toys, so there’s good value here too. For the right audience.

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It’s also worth noting that the car is a licensed road vehicle and, according to Craigslist, comes with a proper title. What can such a confluence of crazy and real cars be worth?

The seller has set $23,500 as the demand for the car, and now you’ll have to decide if it’s worth that sizable amount. What do you think, could this Bucket T command that kind of money? Or, does that price make it a not-so-hot hot rod?

You decide!

New Hampshire craigslistwhere to go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Matthew Killam for the hookup!

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