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With major structural changes in horse racing regulation and a growing need for common integrity standards across other sports, the 2022 Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) annual conference will focus on the issues and details surrounding horse racing. the implementation of the US Horse Racing Safety and Integrity Act. The collusion will also identify the needs associated with the expanded responsibility of many RCI members involving the regulation of sports betting.

The conference will kick off on Monday, April 11, 2022, in Lexington, Kentucky, at the Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott.

Those interested in attending can register at www.arci.com.

With animal welfare being a top priority, it will highlight safety initiatives from regulators in California and the Mid-Atlantic states that have shown considerable progress, as well as details of the soon-to-be-implemented Racetrack Safety program of the newly formed Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority.

There will also be an open discussion about potential legal issues that may arise as a result of the postponed implementation of HISA’s anti-doping and medication program. Transparency in rulemaking will also be discussed, as well as the applicability of federal laws requiring open meetings and public accountability.

The conference kicks off Monday with remarks from Kentucky Horse Racing Commission President Jonathan Rabinowitz, award-winning racing analyst and commentator Donna Brothers, and ARCI President Robert Lopez. The opening session will be followed by a briefing on the Horseracing Safety and Integrity Authority entitled ‘What’s Next’.

Panels will focus on the successful outcomes of equine welfare policies that have been implemented by the California Horse Racing Board and regulators working with the industry in the Mid-Atlantic states. Details of how HISA’s new racetrack security program will work will also be presented.

On Tuesday, sportswriter Tim Livingston, host of the groundbreaking “Whistleblower” Podcast, will discuss his investigation into human sports and allegations that the NBA, through the assignment of certain referees, may have rigged the outcome of games. to favor the teams that attract more television. public in order to generate additional income for the sport.

Leading attorneys and experts will discuss potential legal issues that may arise from the implementation of the HISA program, as well as a briefing on pending issues in federal court challenging the constitutionality of the HISA statute. Federal laws relating to transparency in public policy making will be discussed, particularly as they apply to the newly formed HISA.

Prominent industry leaders will discuss the future of horse racing and opportunities for small and mid-sized tracks to develop synergies with sports betting companies. Jurisdictions that have not yet authorized fixed odds betting may find that the approvals they have granted for simulcast exports may result in such bets being accepted in contests in their jurisdiction without their knowledge.

The ARCI develops model rules and standards for clean sport, primarily horse racing and associated betting. Since the legality of sports betting, the group has authorized staff to begin work to develop standards for human sport through a subsidiary Sports Betting Regulators Association (SBRA).

ARCI’s annual conference attracts senior racing regulatory staff from across North America, as well as racing industry leaders representing Thoroughbreds, Standard, Quarter Horses, jockeys, racehorse owners/breeders and organizations veterinary.

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