Animal Crossing’s Pelican NPCs Surprise New Horizons Players

Animal Crossing’s player post office design has confused many newbie players including employees Pelly, Pete, and Phyllis from older games.

A Reddit user Animal Crossing: New Horizons the design surprised many players, as it featured three characters they had never seen before. The user build was done using the animal crossing Downloadable content Good family paradisewhich was released for the game in November 2021. The simulation game has become one of the most popular Nintendo games of all time since its release in 2020, selling over 32 million copies worldwide.

Since the start of the animal crossing series, there have been distinct differences between each iteration. Although each title retained the same core gameplay, where players live in a city of anthropomorphic animals while catching creatures and earning Bells, some features were changed or removed in later installments. Before New Horizonseach animal crossing The game included a version of a post office with three pelican staff members: Pete, who delivers the mail, and sisters Pelly and Phyllis who run the day and night shifts behind the counter. Although no longer in the game, these characters can be accessed using animal crossing amiibo cards.


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Reddit user AceJocelynn shared her amazing Good family paradise construction of a post office this week, much to the confusion of some players. The user included the three iconic postmen in their design, which many gamers had never seen before. Many have asked where to find the pelicans in New Horizons, assuming it was a character they had simply never met. The construction is wonderfully detailed, including not only the main post office room, but also a break room and an outdoor shipping area with a mail truck. Custom templates are used brilliantly throughout, with the user including templates such as the US Postal Service logo and an Amazon-style packaging design.

Animal Crossing Post Office

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For many players, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is their first experience with the series. Before New Horizons exploded in popularity at the start of the pandemic, the animal crossing the games were seen as somewhat more niche titles with a limited but devoted following. Many longtime fans of the series, even those who love New Horizons, expressed disappointment with elements from previous titles that weren’t included in the most recent game. While New Horizons has many unique details, charming characters like Pete, Pelly and Phyllis are missed by many.

the animal crossing is undoubtedly one of the most unique franchises in gaming, with quirky characters, interesting items, and distinct gameplay that has endeared it to so many gamers. Although some irreducible animal crossing fans may be disappointed with some missing aspects of New Horizons, the game was a great introduction for many to the series. Some may even be inspired to pick up an old animal crossing title after learning about classic characters from previous games.

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Source: AceJocelynn/Reddit

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