All Dragon Heart Locations and What They Do

Dragons were always going to be present in a Miyazaki & George RR Martin production. Scaled Creatures in Elden Ring drop Dragon Hearts, so here’s where you can find and use them all!

As you progress through Elden Ring, your Terni will face many truly fierce enemies. Some of the most impressive include the dragons that roam the Midlands.

These monsters come in many different varieties, each with their own unique abilities and behaviors. But, once you kill them, you’ll receive something unexpected: their hearts.

Dragon Hearts are key to some character builds in Elden Ring, and they’re finite, meaning you can’t farm them like you would Runes.

Here’s where you can find the dragons you’ll need to mine the hearts.

And if you are now curious to learn more about runic farming, here is a glitch-out strategy to watch out for the next time you get invaded!

Elden Ring Dragon Boss Fight

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All Elden Ring dragons that drop hearts

The dragons on this list will be ordered by their location in the game, starting with the areas that most players are likely to visit first.


  • Flying Dragon Agheel (Fire, x1 Heart) – Unless you’ve completely wandered off course, this beast should be the first dragon you encounter. He lands in the center of Lake Limgrave, as Bloody Finger Hunter Yura will warn you.

Lurnia of the lakes

  • Glittering Dragon Emerald (Magic, x1 Heart) – Northwest of the Rose Church where you continue the White Mask Varre questline, you’ll find Smarag sleeping next to a rocky outcrop.
  • Magma Wyrm Makar (Fire, x1 Heart) – Roll along the northern river of Liurnia and climb across the ruin-strewn precipice. The boss in this area, which is also one of the two routes to Altus Plateau, drops a Dragon Heart.

Liurnia Quest Areas

The following dragons can only be reached by following Ranni the Witch’s questline, giving you access to high areas of Liurnia. Check out our guide to completing the quest, which also grants you a Legendary Sword!

Elden Ring Ranni the Witch

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  • Adula Glitterstone Dragon (Magic, x3 Hearts) – Adula is initially in Three Sisters, but once you lower her health, she will teleport to Manus Celes Cathedral, which can be accessed later in the quest.
  • Nameless dragons (Magic, x1 Heart each) – There are three generic dragons west of Moonlight Alter. Unlike other nameless dragons in Elden Ring, these drop one heart each.


  • Rotting Ekzykes (Scarlet Rot, x1 Heart) – This grotesque creature guards the way through Caelid. Drive south and you will undoubtedly encounter this Dragon. Ekzykes spits out a type of Rotten Breath, and here’s how you can use it too!
  • Flying Dragon Greyll (Fire, x1 Heart) – Greyll blocks your path through the Farum Greatbridge, connecting North and South Dragonbarrow.
  • Elder Dragon Greyoll (Debuff, x5 Hearts) – Mother of Dragons, Greyoll is surrounded by 5 of her descendants. Defeat them to kill her, as she is age-stricken and cannot attack you herself. She will roar however, which will weaken your character. The roar debuff can be acquired as an Incantation that every Tarni should get, along with those other amazing spells!
  • Magma Wyrm (Fire, x1 Heart) – This variety of Magma Wyrm is located in the Gael Tunnel. Another interesting character can also be found here as part of their questline: Alexander the Living Pot!
Elden Ring Dragon Knight Construction

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Mountain. He is not coming

  • Magma Wyrm (Fire, x1 Heart) – Another Wyrm to kill, this time inside Volcano Manor, the Mt. Gelmir Legacy Dungeon.
  • Magma Wyrm (Fire, x1 Heart) – The penultimate Wyrm. This one resides in the lava lake next to the Seethewater terminus.

Peaks of the Giants

  • Borealis, the freezing fog (Frostbite, x1 Heart) – Borealis is located on the frozen lake in the far northeast of the map. The lake is large, so you will have no trouble finding it.
  • Great Wyrm Theodorix (Fire, x3 hearts) – Despite its frozen location, north of the enigmatic Albinaurics Rise, the Great Wyrm inflicts fire damage. Prepare accordingly.

Below is a map showing a visual representation of each Dragon Heart in Midlands.

Dragon Heart Card

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What do dragon hearts do in Elden Ring?

Now that you’ve collected the internal organs of every dragon in Elden Ring, you’ll wonder what they do.

Take them to one of the two Dragon Communion Churches and you can consume them at the altar to learn powerful dragon-based incantations.

Limgrave Church can be found naturally while completing Boc the Tailor’s questline, so there’s no reason do not to help your demi-human friend.

Caelid’s Church is right next to the battleground where you’ll face Rotting Ekzykes, so check it out on your way to General Radahn’s Festival of War!

As you’d expect, eating Dragon Hearts has its downsides. In Elden Ring, this gives lasting cosmetic changes to your character. Here’s how you can put them back!