5 Best Additions to Minecraft in 2022

2022 has been a year of anticipation for Minecraft players due to the upcoming 1.19 update, also known as “The Wild Update”.

Recent snapshots released by Mojang gave players a glimpse of the upcoming features that are expected to be released in the update. While these implementations haven’t been fully released, the snapshots provide the best look at what players can expect.

Since no significant content updates have been released in 2022 so far, players have been browsing through these snapshots to enjoy the new content before its full release. There are many new implementations to enjoy only in these preview builds.

Minecraft: Awesome Additions From Savage Update Snapshots

5) Boats with chests

Trunk boats allow for a new method of storage and transportation (Image via Mojang)Swamps receive additional variance from mangroves (Image via Mojang)

3) Echo Fragments and Recovery Compasses

The new dark and deep biome provides some interesting items (Image via Mojang)Players who want to loot Ancient Cities will need to keep an eye out for the Guardian (Image via Mojang)

1) New monsters

New mobs have caught the attention of Minecraft players everywhere (Image via Mojang)

Finally, there is the enigmatic and powerful Warden, protector of the dark and deep biome. Once summoned, the blind mob will pursue players relentlessly. Players will have to use all their wits to survive his pursuit.

It is possible for players to kill the guardian, but the mob currently has the most health in the game, even compared to the ender dragon and the wither.

Minecraft players should exercise extreme caution when dealing with this new creature.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh